To convert the Honda S-MX(RH1/RH2) or Stepwagon (RF1/RF2) to manual gearbox /  transmission requires some custom fabrication as the car was never intended to be manual.

You will need the following parts
- Honda CR-V MK1 Manual transmission (4WD are ok too, just dont connect the propshaft)
- Honda CR-V MK1 Gear selector, Gear Cables, Surround

- Honda B series (CRV,CIVIC etc) Clutch slave cylinder. hydraulic hose, Master cylinder, Clutch pedal assembly, Flywheel, Clutch, Clutch fork, Manual starter motor

Modifications are required to the following to fit
- Rear engine mount bracket (one hole needs enlarging)
- Modification to clutch pedal to clear steering rack

Wiring Modifications
- Starter / Ignition switch wiring (there is a relay that needs to be bypassed)
- Removal of the Park key lock on ignition barrel
- Wiring of reverse light switch on gearbox (green/black wire on chassis)

Starter / Ignition wiring

The Black/Red and Black/White wires need to be removed from the relay and linked