We have developed our own VTEC Conversion for the Honda S-MX and Stepwagon RF1/2.

Our solution is a complete drive in/out conversion service

This performance upgrade will transform your Honda into a VTEC beast. With BHP Figures of approximately 190bhp, while keeping the original automatic gearbox too.

VTEC engage change-over at 4,500 RPM

Depending on throttle position the auto gearbox will change gear at either 6,000 RPM or 7,500 RPM!

For normal driving it will change gear exactly as your old engine would do.

MPG Figures: 30mpg+ as tested on our own vehicle.


Contact us for pricing

(Including all parts/labour)

This can be reduced if you are supplying donor parts

Includes (All parts NEW unless sated otherwise):

- VTEC Head (Used)

- Our very own in-house developed Full VTEC Conversion Kit

- Cold air induction kit

- New Cambelt + Water Pump

- 3x Aux Belts

- Thermostat

- New Fluids (Gearbox, Coolant, Engine Oil)

- Oil Filter

- Spark Plugs

This conversion will work with:

Honda S-MX 1996 - 1998 (Pre-Facelift) RH1 2WD

Honda S-MX 1996 - 1998 (Pre-Facelift) RH2 4WD

Honda STEPWAGON 1996 - 1998 (Pre-Facelift) RF1 2WD

Honda STEPWAGON 1996 - 1998 (Pre-Facelift) RF2 4WD